Varsity Blues’ lessons for higher education

How to protect your reputation from corruption and fraud

Varsity Blues’ lessons for higher education Varsity Blues, the federal investigation into corruption in the admissions practices of several high-profile colleges and universities, underscores the significant reputational risk that institutions of higher education face when they don’t have sufficient internal controls against fraud and corruption.

In this podcast, Larry Ladd, a director and national industry specialist in higher education in our not for profit practice, and LeeAnn Manning, a managing director in our forensic advisory services group, discuss lessons learned from Varsity Blues, and what colleges and universities should do next.

It’s time for leaders and boards of colleges and university to ask hard questions, like:

  • Is our admissions process susceptible to the types of fraud exposed by Varsity Blues?
  • How should we adjust our internal controls and enterprise risk management practices to guard against these risks?
  • Can we assure our board, alumni and stakeholders that we’ve taken appropriate steps to protect the institution’s reputation?

Learn how your institution can use an internal controls assessment to identify and address potential risks, especially the unique opportunities for fraud inherent in the admissions process.

Listen to the entire conversation for more insights on how to protect your institution from fraud.


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