The cloud: Mindset change for corporate America

Shifting focus from technology to transformation and change

Mindset change for corporate America Most recently, success in business has been technically enabled. But now success is due to transformation through participation beyond the IT team. The key is visualizing the future and recognizing the “cloud experience” that will take them there. “The cloud has given us the platform that will enable us to transform.”

This is the view of Grant Thornton Business Advisory Services Principal Chris Lilley, who spoke with a conference host at Inforum 2019. “I don’t think we’re ready for the transformation that will be required,” Lilley said. “Businesses will have to turn this upside-down in how they’re thinking about it. Most projects have a start and a stop, and then they transition to support. Cloud has no stop. The cloud product has to be critical to the business strategy; it has to be part of the strategic planning process. It has to be thought of as an enabler of that process. It’s ongoing evolution and transformation of the business, using the cloud platform. That’s a big lift. It’s a mindset change for corporate America.”

As an example of an individual company’s mindset change, Lilley described his team’s current work with a large healthcare entity that had been silo based. It had become clear that change was needed to realize their growth strategy, which included acquiring new hospitals for the markets they serve. “If they didn’t have an end-to-end process-based foundation to do that,” Lilley said, “there’d be too much time spent bringing others into the system.

“This is the time to really transform. The business can now focus on areas that add the most value to their strategy versus just getting transactions from one end to the other.”

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