How to think about blockchain today

It’s more than cryptocurrencies.

Neon circlesWe are coming up on the tenth anniversary of blockchain technology. While blockchain is still often primarily thought of as the platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a wide range of applications are emerging that exploit the potential of this new technology. So how should businesses think about blockchain now?

Malcolm Silberman, a Grant Thornton innovation director focused on blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions, sees parallels between how businesses are thinking about blockchain today and how many approached the Internet in its early days. Many companies were too cautious, allowing new competitors with fresh perspectives to realize the advantages of that then-revolutionary technology.

“You tend to get very myopic with new technologies. You tend to put them in these little boxes where you can be comfortable with them,” says Silberman. “I’m trying to encourage our clients to remove those boxes. Don’t put those barriers up. Keep your mindset open and look for opportunities that can disrupt your industry.”

Listen to this conversation with Malcolm Silberman to learn more about what blockchain is and how businesses should think about it today.


Malcolm Silberman
Malcolm Silberman

Director, Innovation
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