How private companies can manage ASC 842 compliance

Leverage public company lessons to ease the compliance burden

Woman looking at digital screenThe ASC 842 compliance deadline has been moved back one year until Jan. 1, 2021, but compliance remains an urgent challenge. One of the key lessons public companies have learned is that compliance take longer and is more difficult and complicated than they imagined.

Listen to our podcast to learn key lessons public companies have learned on ASC 842 compliance, including how to:

  • manage the challenge of collecting and standardizing all lease data from across your organization
  • address the unique challenges of embedded leases
  • why software tools are vital and how to decide which is right for your company

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the extended compliance deadline means you can let up on your compliance efforts. ASC 842 compliance is a huge, complex effort. Listen to our podcast as Grant Thornton’s Rebekah Feather, a partner in our strategic federal tax practice, and Andrew Taylor, a director in our accounting advisory services practice, share key lessons they’ve learned helping public companies comply with ASC 842—leasson you can use drive effective ASC 842 compliance.

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