Blockchain builds truth into ERP

How technology drives trust at the core of your business

People around table An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is the central source of truth for business planning, consolidating data from finance, human resources, procurement, project management, and other critical systems.

Grant Thornton Innovation Managing Director Richard Cline said “ERP systems are deeply ingrained in every fiber of a business. They are the control point; they are the systems of truth within that company. But… those systems do not provide a way to have a trusted integration between disparate companies or even disparate divisions within companies.” Grant Thornton Innovation Director Malcolm Silberman said “The challenge lies at those points of integration.” So, how can blockchain technology help ensure the accuracy and stability of data in your ERP system – to help build truth into the core of your business?

And how does blockchain technology integrate with other emerging technologies for ERP systems? Silberman said, “I might have a slightly controversial view on this. But I do think that the blockchain, coupled with two other technologies, is sort of where the future may go.”

Listen to Richard and Malcolm discuss the evolving role that blockchain technology can play in ensuring the truth of data in ERP systems.


Malcolm Silberman
Malcolm Silberman

Director, Innovation
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