Culture of now: Balancing speed and privacy

The intersection of instant gratification and data protection

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This video was created by Fast Company for Grant Thornton as a part of a content series that explores the impact of innovation and technology.
With a customer culture of constant connectivity and an expectation of instant gratification in delivery of goods and services, companies need to be both speedy and thoughtful. Whether customers are aware of it or not, their data privacy depends on the thoughtfulness side of the equation.

Watch a new Fast Company and Grant Thornton video for a look at these competing desires. “Before getting into opportunities,” said Chris Smith, managing principal of Grant Thornton’s national Strategy & Transformation practice, “each company should be trying to explore that intersection between cool and ‘creepy.’ Customers definitely want to live in an always-on, connected world, but companies need to establish the balance between those two.

“I would advise companies and consumers to think about what makes sense in your life — what you truly need now and what is worth waiting for. Ultimately, there’s a healthy balance, and that’s what we should all be striving for.”


Chris SmithChris Smith
Managing Principal, National Strategy & Transformation Practice
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