Cyber Risk: Data Protection and Privacy

Build up confidence in achieving compliance and enhancing cyber security

For most companies, data has become essential to their business models – from supporting day-to-day operations, to launching new marketing campaigns, companies leverage digital information to generate value.  With such opportunity, comes risks: data driven business are vulnerable to threats from internal and external parties.
Data protection and privacy
Additionally, the collection and use of personal data requires companies to now consider new and emerging privacy regulations and requirements at home and abroad. Companies must understand how data is collected, used, stored, and destroyed not only to ensure compliance, but also to identify opportunities to generate value from this data. Grant Thornton can help organizations systematically identify and assess data privacy and security risks as well as to prioritize risk treatment options, and tailor privacy programs to address compliance and business interests.

Our Perspectives Insight and innovation We are confident that we can deliver value-added services, but opportunities to enrich your business do not stop there. Due to our commitment to your success, our subject matter experts will provide added services at no additional cost to you.

Insights into emerging industry, compliance and key marketplace trends

  • We have an extensive cross discipline data privacy, governance and security team and able to comment where we believe we have identified areas of best practice.
  • Our significant representation on working parties and committees responsible for shaping future guidance and regulation helps us to highlight up and coming challenges for clients. We are members of the Transatlantic Business Council, the Department of Culture, Media and Sports Data Protection Advisory Panel, the Digital Policy Alliance and the British Standard’s Institute Data Protection Working Party.

Protective horizon scanning

  • Proactive monitoring of the regulatory horizon allows us to provide valuable foresight of regulatory landscape as it evolves through the development cycle, including updates on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation and the proposals for a revised Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation.
  • Our relationship with the Information Commissioners Office and privacy experts across a range of industries, through the Data Protection Forum and the International Association of Privacy Professionals, allows us to engage with peers during the consultation phase of the new rules.

Access to thought leadership, fresh ideas and industry leading practices

  • To add depth to our relationships, we can, where appropriate, involve specialist consultants form other areas of our cyber security and privacy team. Areas of expertise include governance, risk and compliance, cybercrime, digital security, business resilience, third party assurance, payment security, technology security, forensic investigation and identify and access management.
  • Our wider advisory expertise is also available to support your business.

Consistent training and improved knowledge

  • A real relationship will only be possible if there is a genuine two way transfer of knowledge and skills between our teams. To add depth to our review, we can, where appropriate, involve specialist consultants.
  • Areas of expertise include strengthening governance, forensic investigation, implementing strategy; operational and administrative advice and support.
  • We can draw upon, at short notice, our extensive pool of subject matter experts to advise you in areas including information security, incident management, training and data analytics.

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