A business imperative: Fuel innovation with inclusion

Older woman speaking with bald manInnovation doesn't happen in a straight line. A wide diversity of perspectives and experiences is needed to spark the new connections so critical to innovation. Organizations have the greatest chance for truly groundbreaking innovation when they tear down silos, cross boundaries and be intentional about learning from the unfamiliar, unknown and unexpected. At Grant Thornton, we believe a diversity of thinking and experiences is an organization's source of greatest potential. As Dr. Tiffany Yates, senior manager, Organizational Strategy, notes "Diversity is the gas and culture is the engine that produces a highly innovative workplace."

In our video, learn key insights about how diversity and inclusion can fuel innovation and growth including:

  • The role of diversity in senior leadership teams
  • Bottom-line benefits of a diverse, inclusive culture
  • The importance of diversity of thought in driving business innovation
  • Qualitative and quantitative measurement of diversity and inclusion programs
  • Actionable steps organizations can take to foster diversity of thought, experiences and ideas

Watch the video below to learn compelling insights from Grant Thornton's Dr. Tiffany Yates, senior manager, Organizational Strategy; Niles Brown, managing director, Business Risk Services; and Courtney Anderson, Leader of Culture Innovation.

Contacts Erica O’Malley
Erica O’Malley

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Dr. Tiffany Yates
Dr. Tiffany Yates

Senior Manager, Organizational Strategy
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