LGBT inclusion: Leading by example

LGBTQ people in front of rainbow flag With one in 25 Americans currently identifying as LGBT and an estimated $1T in LGBT buying power, today’s organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of fostering a culture that supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. From recruiting and retaining top talent to winning business and the loyalty of today's consumers, cultivating an LGBT-inclusive workforce simply makes good business sense. Recognizing that equality builds business, organizations are focused on promoting allyship, investing in training, resources and benefits and eliciting the commitment of senior leadership.

Championing LGBT diversity and inclusivity is not a one-time-a year, Pride Month recognition check-the-box activity, but rather requires a year-round commitment. In our video, Grant Thornton subject matter experts, Equality GT business resource group employees and client representatives share their insights on the business benefits of an LGBT-inclusive culture, what it takes for companies today to successfully champion the LGBT agenda and the importance of allowing LGBT employees to bring their whole selves to work.

In our video, learn key insights about how companies can cultivate a culture of LGBT diversity and inclusion that unlocks business performance and boosts innovation and growth.

  • Bottom-line business benefits of an LGBT-friendly culture
  • The role of senior leadership in fostering LGBT inclusion
  • Organizational strategy elements critical to an LGBT-inclusive culture
  • The importance of enterprise-wide training
  • Supporting the LGBT workforce through allyship
  • Workforce strategies to support transgender employees

Watch the video below to learn compelling insights from Grant Thornton’s Erica O’Malley, partner, Organizational Strategy; Collette Cummins, managing director, Audit Methodology and Standards; Jackie Rosenfeldt, partner, Audit; Denise Bowker, Northern Trust Vice President, Client Digital Solution Delivery; Chris Albarado, senior associate, Account Marketing; and Cesar Martinez, associate, Forensic Advisory Services.

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