Finishing strong in the ASC 606 marathon

Implementing the new revenue standard has been like a marathon for many entities. As the clock continues to tick and the effective date looms just around the corner, we invite clients, prospects and friends of the firm to join us for our 4 Part webcast Series: Finishing strong in the ASC 606 marathon. This series cover 5 main steps companies need to take for effective implementation.

Part 1 In Part 1, we’ll examine step 1 and 2 of the implementation process required to design processes, integrate systems and account for downstream impacts across the business. Even as businesses finish their technical accounting assessment process, many may have underestimated the potential pitfalls and overlooked best practices they need to consider during the implementation process.

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Part 2 In Part 2, we’ll explore some of the most common implementation challenges in applying Step 3 of implementation (Determining the transaction price)and Step 4 of implementation (Allocating the transaction price to the performance obligations)

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Part 3 In Part 3, we’ll explore step 5 of implementation, the new licensing guidance as well as some of the more challenging areas of ASC 606 including modifications and the principal versus agent assessment.

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Part 4 In Part 4, we’ll explore a final look with an in-depth look at licensing, modifications, and other potential hurdles.

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