Data analytics’ new frontiers: internal audit looks forward

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The Internal Audit Foundation is partnering with Grant Thornton LLP in a survey series to assess how companies are using data analytics in their business activities.

Our third and final survey results are in! We asked internal audit leaders about their future application of data analytics and found that vigilance is key. Most internal auditors have already adopted continuous programs and expect continuous monitoring and auditing to reach across the enterprise. View the results.

View our previous survey’s results In our second survey, we asked internal audit leaders about their experience with data analytics and found that over 60% of respondents saw significant benefits from analytics use and many are applying analytics to traditional GRC practices. View the results.

The first survey in the series identified how organizations use data analytics and the results showed that less than 40% consistently leverage analytics, only 33.3% use to predict future trends and only 19.8% use to prescribe/recommend business initiatives. For more insights from the first survey, view the results.