Data analytics - Improve efficiency, achieve market potential, drive growth and maximize profitability

Companies have nearly overwhelming – and rapidly growing – volumes of data. Yet very few tap its potential. Transform your organization.

A strong analytics program provides a roadmap for consistently transforming data into business and operational insight. We work with clients to develop advanced data visualization through foundation analytics, cross-domain analytics, score carding and strategy management.

Lumen: transform your business Lumen is our advanced analytics platform that transforms the way our clients create, protect and transform value. By equipping companies with truly innovative analytical tools, we help improves efficiency, achieve market potential, drive growth, and maximize profitability. 

Our advanced analytics methodology Our analytics methodology and platform allows you to explore analytics, define analytic priorities, generate insights, and realize tangible business value. We use a phased approach to get you to a point of view:
Our advanced analytics methodology

Solutions tailored to your business needs Lumen allows us to understand your business today, and helps you shape the way you do business tomorrow. Analytic and digital transformations are not a one size fits all approach. Our team approaches each business problem as a unique opportunity to create insights and value for our client.
Solutions tailored to your business needs

A Culture of Analytics At Grant Thornton, we live and breathe data. We’ve long been pioneers in advanced audit analytics, so we know firsthand that next generation technology is only as good as the people who use it. The right people, asking the right questions, and using the right tools to help answer these questions is central to our culture, and our audit approach.

Analytics are incorporated by our professionals at every stage of the audit; from planning and risk assessment, to evaluation of controls and substantive testing, and concluding and reporting.

Meet some of Grant Thornton’s Analytics Leaders Ward Melhuish
Principal, Analytics Center of Excellence
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Richard Cline        
Managing Director, Analytics Center of Excellence
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Meredith Murphy
Director, Analytics Center of Excellence
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