How to utilize advanced job forecasting in JD Edwards

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Craig DaviedPresented at COLLABORATE17 April 2017
Las Vegas, NV

Session: 105650 [Download the PDF]
Presented by: Craig Davied, Grant Thornton

JD Edwards has always been known as the #1 ERP of choice for Engineering and Construction customers due to its overall natural integration across all modules, providing key costing information in a real-time format. The Job Cost module is solid at providing budget to actual cost information for analysis according to each customer’s work breakdown structure. In the past, when it came to forecasting, clients had to use other means to accomplish their needs. Now, JD Edwards has enhanced its job forecasting functionality in order to continue to provide exceptional solutions in this arena. Join us as we review this new functionality, from configuration/setup to specific examples of the new forecasting features. If you are already a Job Cost user, or if you are in the construction industry, this is one session that you won’t want to miss!