CaféOne: The Unsung Hero of the Distribution Process

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kit landPresented at COLLABORATE17 April 2017,
Las Vegas, NV

Session: 105620 [Download the PDF]
Presented by: Christopher "Kit" Land, Grant Thornton

During the distribution processes there are many instances where users need to access information from an application or supplemental database that is not available on their current screen. Rather than flipping back and forth between open applications, Caféone is a dynamic tool in that often times is overlooked as a possible solution for increasing the amount of information that users have immediate access to, and improving user speed and effectiveness. There are many different ways in which Cafeone can be configured to give users increased amounts of information and functionality. Join us as we walk through examples of how this incredibly flexible tool has been used to streamline processes at various engagements, and how can benefit all companies.