Actively identify potential issues using Events and Notifications Framework to create MyWork Links

Chris Maldonado-MartinezPresented at COLLABORATE16 April 2016
Las Vegas, NV

Session: 103710 [Download the PDF]
Presented by: Chris Maldonado-Martinez, Grant Thornton

In this session, learn how to implement Oracle PeopleSoft Events and Notifications Framework to increase visibility around transaction exceptions and increase proactive resolutions. Allowing users the ability to identify the first sign of an error or potential errors; could help prevent additional errors that have the potential for time-consuming, reactive corrections. In addition to a deep dive into the setup of both Event and Notification Framework, we will review how to efficiently deliver the message to the end user through PeopleSoft My Worklist. Finally we will review the ability to create notifications which are to be delivered to third party systems via both email and XML.