Payables and receivables bi-lateral netting using PeopleSoft Cash Management

Greg DavisPresented at RECONNECT15
July 2015
Rosemont, IL

Session: 101000 [Download the PDF]

In this deep dive session, learn how to implement the Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Bi-Lateral Netting to net Accounts Payable vouchers with Accounts Receivable items to reduce payables transaction fees and decrease receivables to improve your company's cash flow. PeopleSoft Bi-Lateral netting allows you to close AP vouchers and AR items by offsetting them against each other, when you have both AP and AR activity with a vendor or customer. In this session we will review best practices for end-user processing and administration, demonstrate PeopleSoft Cash Management's integrations to PeopleSoft Accounts Payable and Receivable modules, and review the detailed setup tasks required to install, deploy and support bi-lateral netting. During this session we will discuss common enhancements, tips, tricks and how to avoid pitfalls in your implementation of Bi-Lateral netting.

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