Ameren accelerates EPPM insights with P6 Analytics enablement

Ramke RamakrishnanPresented at Oracle OpenWorld15
October 2015
San Francisco, CA

Session: CON3498 [Download the PDF]
Presented by: Ramke Ramakrishnan, Grant Thornton and Balaji Govindan, Ameren

Ameren as a holding company of several power and energy companies in the Illinois and St. Louis area leverages Primavera EPPM for managing their variety of projects lifecycle management across their generation, transmission and nuclear business. As part of their journey, Ameren’s looked for the delivered Primavera P6 Analytics. In this session, you will learn on how Ameren enabled Primavera P6 Analytics integration Project Portfolio data from multiple P6 instance deployment to help identify and define a broader Business Analytics roadmap and to synthesis a common analytic vision to serve their project managers, project oversight leadership and executive management with integrated Analytics and Reporting solution.

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