How to Get the Most From Your General Ledger Transactions for Reporting/Analysis

Greg DavisPresented at INFOCUS15
August 2015
Denver, CO

Session: 101170 [Download the PDF]

There are many situations when it’s difficult to design operational detail (sales invoices, purchase order receipts, work order completions, etc.) into the General Ledger for reporting/analysis purposes. This can lead to problems due to a disconnect between operational and financial results. In this session we will discuss three types of options - Flex Accounting, Subledgers, and Advanced Cost Types - which can be used to drive additional detail into your G/L. We will explain each type of functionality as well as how each can add greater benefit to your reporting/analysis. Join us as we discuss how this functionality can be used to design more operational details into your G/L transactions to better enhance reporting and inquiry functions.