The transparency of ERP: Leveraging BI analytics to improve the financial reporting process

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Dave SweasPresented at COLLABORATE15 April 2015
Las Vegas, NV

Session: 107370 [Download the PDF]

CFO groups whose organizations employ integrated Tier 1 ERP platforms continuously work to leverage their ERP investment to reduce closing cycle times, increase their value-add to the organization and improve the speed of additional implementations. Investment in ERP inherently spells process improvement (amid raised expectations), but yet for many CFO organizations, implementing ERP brings challenges around speed and quality of financial data, reporting and analysis, which results in inordinate amounts of time spent ensuring financial data is accurate. The majority of these inefficiencies results from transactional errors or suboptimized ERP accounting processes, where the problems can generally go unnoticed until period end. Attendees learned how the power of integrating BI analytics with ERP to embed “continuous data controls” can identify and significantly reduce these issues; improve overall financial reporting speed, efficiency, and quality; and reduce time spent in managing ERP.