Financial Gateway: How to configure, administer and deploy for all your EFTs

Matt PetermanPresented at COLLABORATE15
April 2015
Las Vegas, NV

Session: 100450 [Download the PDF]

In this deep-dive session, attendees learned how to implement the Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Gateway to generate electronic payments from PeopleSoft modules AND outside systems. Many Oracle clients have not yet transitioned to Oracle's next-generation payment processing engine. In this session, we reviewed best practices for end-user processing and administration, demonstrated Financial Gateway's built-in integrations to PeopleSoft modules, and reviewed the detailed setup tasks required to get your company up and running on Financial Gateway. We showed how you can use delivered PeopleSoft payment formats such as ACH CCD+ and ACH CTX (tax) and meet NACHA banking standards OUT OF THE BOX!