Integration: Your key to operational excellence

Operational excellence is achieved when key aspects of your infrastructure are well-integrated.

A major overhaul is not practical or necessary. Working on a few functions at a time transforms financial functions and reporting, technology adoption, compliance activity and any other areas targeted for excellence. When your entire organization becomes fully interconnected, operations are cohesive, efficient and cost-effective.

Our professionals have deep experience in helping clients with these transformations. We assemble teams with the know-how to tackle challenges in every corner of the organization — from business processes to the technology to enhance these processes. We can help you position your health system for tomorrow’s business — beginning with steps to integrate your infrastructure.

HC Process Map

By connecting and integrating every key aspect of central Indiana's Community Health Network’s finance infrastructure — general ledger, data governance, reporting, planning, costing and profitability, business insight and analytics, as well as supply chain — Grant Thornton is helping this major regional provider gain control and drive consistency throughout its organization, improve performance, achieve improved outcomes and prepare for future growth.

From maze to harmony — replay the webcast Achieving harmony in health care financial reporting for a discussion that includes Community’s corporate controller’s description of his organization’s finance transformation.

See how Community achieved further excellence through a central data repositoryprofitability insights through accessible data and cost management, improved consolidation and reporting, and increased support for planning and budgeting.

For a focus on rising above M&A stress to integrate your finance function, see Achieving financial reporting harmony post-M&A in Becker’s Healthcare.

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