Brexit implications for your industry

Get everything you need to know about how Brexit will affect your industry.
Some industries will be hit harder by Brexit than others, although few will come out unscathed. Our analysis uncovers key considerations by industry.

Financial Services

Global markets have already been dramatically affected, but there are deeper regulatory and operational implications for the global financial services community.

Private equity

There has been no apparent negative short-term impact from the Brexit vote, and there may be wide M&A opportunities due to the UK currency decline.


Prior to the vote, more than 75% of technology companies in the UK said they favored staying in the EU, but Brexit may come with advantages for the industry, despite regulatory and privacy challenges.


Brexit has led to lower UK stock valuations and regulatory uncertainty that can negatively affect trade agreements and U.S. exports.


The UK insurance regulatory system faces great uncertainty. Much of the UK’s regulation is based on EU rules that in some cases may have to be reconsidered and/or readopted.

Real estate

Brexit will have a significant impact on the global real estate community. Real estate values and capital investments could decline, and investors will likely shy away from real estate investments until they fully understand the impact.


There has been some improvement in commodity prices over the past few months, but Brexit will cause short-term volatility and have a potentially longer-term impact on an industry that has been in a downturn for almost two years.


Brexit will not likely have a major impact on not-for-profits (NFPs) beyond re-evaluation of investment strategies to reflect lower UK currency values and market valuations.

Health care & Life sciences

Brexit will likely mean changes for the National Health System, pharmaceutical companies, medical device makers and researchers.

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