Automation saves time on data aggregation, consolidation




Grant Thornton has performed indirect tax compliance services for a Fortune 500 payment technology and services company for several years. Through various acquisitions and mergers, the data files that make up the monthly returns have increased. Further, the process to simply gather and aggregate the data became cumbersome and time-consuming, taking four staff about 3.5 weeks to get through everything. In fact, the company had to report one month in arrears due to being unable to provide timely data, which required additional staff to assist in the process.




Grant Thornton strategized with the company on potential solutions. It was discovered that the company had multiple Alteryx licenses which Grant Thornton leveraged to build approximately 15 workflows, automating a substantial portion of the monthly indirect tax data aggregation and consolidation process. Upon completion of the build, Grant Thornton upskilled the staff on how to run the workflows monthly.



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Within the first month of the company owning the process, they reduced the time from 3.5 weeks down to 1.5 weeks to aggregate and consolidate the data. Further, the additional staff were able to be redeployed elsewhere as a result of the automation.




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