State of Texas Deliverables-Based IT Solutions (DBITS)


Grant Thornton has contracted with the State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to provide deliverables-based IT solutions on contract DIR-CPO-4931. We have been approved to provide services in the following six categories:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Technology Upgrade / Mitigation and Transformation
  • Information Technology Assessments & Planning
  • Information Technology Procurement Assistance
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

DBITS: Deliverables-Based IT Services Contract
DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-4931

Grant Thornton has a DBITS contract with the Texas Department of Information Resources. The relationship is part of the DIR Cooperative Contracts program. Click here to view the DBITS SOW Link and Instructions for obtaining quotes and placing Purchase Orders. Resulting Purchase Order must reference DIR contract number DIR-CPO-4931.

Contact Information
For quotes, purchase orders, or warranty information for services under the Deliverables-based Information Technology Services (DBITS) contract, please contact:

Virginia Dawson
Grant Thornton
111 Congress, Suite 2500
Austin, TX 78701
Phone 512.692.1235
Tamara Reynolds
Grant Thornton
111 Congress, Suite 2500
Austin, TX 78701
Phone 512.692.1230

Grant Thornton has been approved in the following seven categories.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse

Existing data systems contain information needed to assess performance, demonstrate accountability, measure costs and manage the workforce more efficiently—the challenge is linking these disparate systems to create accurate, timely and actionable information that can be used to make budget decisions, assess program outcomes and perform workforce planning. Grant Thornton has expertise in:

  • Creating performance management frameworks and metrics
  • Writing business cases that help agency management communicate their vision
  • Developing balanced scorecards and other performance architectures that link agency goals, objectives and measures
  • Identifying, collecting and integrating raw data from disparate sources into relevant, timely and accurate information
  • Developing and deploying performance information through visual mechanisms including dashboards, reports and web-based analytical tools
  • Providing analytical support to interpret and forecast using financial, human resources and program information
  • Reviewing performance metrics models and their support of agency critical success factors and relationships to agency missions
  • Benchmarking agency performance



Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)


Public sector technology projects are getting larger and more complex, and project successes and failures are increasingly more public and more significant for agency budgets. This is especially true of large, complex IT acquisitions. There is more scrutiny than ever on results and value for money.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) provides an objective, on-going assessment of all aspects of an IT project, with a particular focus on quality, issues, and risk. IV&V has long been considered a leading practice to provide independent oversight of State and Local government projects. It can offers a unique and insightful perspective on project health.

At Grant Thornton, we focus our IV&V efforts on making a difference to the ultimate success of our clients’ projects. Our professionals are experienced at project delivery as well as IV&V. As such, we have the foresight to anticipate future challenges, and the experience to recommend practical courses of action to improve the likelihood of project success.




IT Assessments and Planning


Grant Thornton has a mature, proven IT Assessment and Planning approach that has been developed over the course of our vast experiences in public-sector and commercial clients. Our IT Assessment objectives are to provide reviews and recommendations for multiple aspects of the Information Technology organization. It includes assessments of people, processes and technology. More importantly, it includes an analysis of IT costs, at a high-level, with the goal of recommending reductions to the IT cost structures that do not adversely impact business operations. Our assessment approach centers upon the key areas of process, people, and technology:

IT assessment services provided by Grant Thornton evaluate your IT strengths and weaknesses to enhance decision-making relative to your company’s strategic and tactical goals. Our professionals work with you to analyze IT alignment with your business strategy, IT management processes and key performance indicators that support your agency’s overall IT strategy. This analysis focuses on five critical assessment areas:

  • IT strategy & enterprise architecture
  • IT governance
  • Technology management/ infrastructure optimization
  • Operations management
  • Service level & performance management




Project Management


Grant Thornton provides a broad array of IT project management services to public-sector and commercial clients across the nation. Our project management services can help you implement projects effectively and efficiently. Our approach will help you meet mission objectives and ensure a return on investment by improving your ability to identify, address and mitigate risks. We offer a set of project management tools, techniques, methodologies, resources and procedures—both formal and informal—to deliver a unified PMO solution that effectively combines processes and control functions

Grant Thornton is highly skilled in the Agile implementation methodologies. We offer proven capabilities to adapt, standardize, and implement industry-leading agile techniques across programs and portfolios. This technique can help improve teamwork, increase predictability, manage changing priorities, and better align IT and business requirements for consistent project delivery.




Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Grant Thornton’s ERP practice addresses a broad range of process, technology and organizational needs across finance, supply chain and HR functions. We possess hands-on product experience, deep functional knowledge, and industry insights to successfully deliver integrated, cost-effective, scalable solutions to solve complex business issues for our clients.

Our experience is extensive – from strategy, through design, implementation, managed services and upgrades. We have evaluated, selected or implemented multiple ERP products from solution providers such as Infor, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Workday. We have particularly strong Oracle/PeopleSoft expertise and we are an Oracle Cloud Select Platinum Partner. We also have a strong relationship with Infor, and specialize in implementing Infor’s Cloudsuite ERP and Enterprise Asset Management solutions. Grant Thornton is uniquely positioned to bring Texas similar transformational solutions to state & local, higher education and K-12, enabling positive change and creating operating efficiencies.

Our DBITS service teams, across all service categories, will be supported as needed by our ERP experts to provide any strategic, functional or technical expertise. Grant Thornton’s extensive ERP product expertise will enable us to exceed expectations in the ERP and Technology Upgrades/Migrations service categories. In addition, our ERP expertise also positions us to support the state’s extensive IT projects that often include ERP, including Project Management, IT Assessments & Planning, and IV&V. Grant Thornton is also an Oracle certified Fusion partner.




Technology Upgrade/Migration and Transformation


Grant Thornton has extensive experience and expertise in planning and managing technical upgrades, tailoring our robust project management methodology used in our full-scale implementation projects. Our national ERP and Business Intelligence practices have extensive experience performing upgrades and migrations as part of IT transformation projects.




IT Procurement Assistance


Grant Thornton has vast experience providing IT procurement support and acquisition development in federal agencies, state agencies, and higher education institutions across the country. Our acquisition expertise is particularly strong in procurement policy development, acquisition planning, requirements development, contract audit, vendor management, and performance management solutions. Because our service to clients stretches across numerous state governments, universities, and the federal government, our acquisition professionals are adept at assessing and navigating the diversity of state and federal acquisition policies and regulatory environments in which our clients operate. Grant Thornton’s procurement support practice provides a forum to share our corporate lessons learned gleaned while supporting a wide variety of complex acquisitions, including acquisitions of services, integrated systems, and custom and commodity IT systems. Our procurement support practice also provides us with a “deep bench” that enables us to quickly and flexibly staff new projects and task orders with unique, ideally-suited skill sets.

Grant Thornton is committed to advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector through client service, but also through thought leadership and innovation. Our firm is a leader in researching and analyzing challenges facing public sector leaders and sharing our knowledge through training and engagement with the broader acquisition community and trade industry partners. For example, we provide training to agency acquisition and program staff on how to develop solicitations, evaluate proposals, and monitor Agile-based contracts that use sprints for software development rather than traditional waterfall approaches. This requires a fundamental shift in evaluating and monitoring contractor performance and integrating techniques other than earned valued management. For professional services, we encourage the use of and create performance-based contracts, and have also developed vendor performance management frameworks to improve the processes for collecting and monitoring performance.


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