Market Intelligence Update – Preparing for an economic downturn


Preparing for a potential economic downturn with Grant Thornton’s Chief Economist, Diane Swonk, and Performance Improvement Practice Leader, Robert Schwartz


The second episode in our series features Performance Improvement Practice Leader, Robert Schwartz. They discuss an update on the potential for an economic downturn, how it would affect clients and how Grant Thornton can help companies prepare.
This episode includes topics such as:

  • Triggers indicative of an upcoming economic downturn – Fed recession indicator, corporate debt, emerging bubbles, trade policy and tariffs, CEO confidence surveys, consumer attitudes
  • Key indicators to monitor the impact a downturn would have on clients – clients’ top lines stall, declining revenues, linkage to Grant Thornton revenue optimization services
  • Timing of a potential recession – no official forecast, but many red flags point to 2020
  • How Grant Thornton can help companies prepare – Robert discusses key service offerings including the Pursuit of Perfection, Profitability Assessments, Revenue Optimization, and more. Robert also shares the ways to identify opportunities for improvement and proactively engage C-Suite to close gaps

Listen below:







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