5 business trends in tech and telecom


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As technology, media and telecommunications businesses adapt for the year ahead, many are feeling optimistic.

The US has seen strong growth among both established and emerging tech companies. That has led to some major strategic decisions. "M&A and private equity activity is very strong, as are IPOs and SPACs," said Steven Perkins, National Leader for Technology and Telecommunications at Grant Thornton.

As this optimism builds, every organization in the industry should take a fresh look at its existing business and its new opportunities. Leaders should review the organization's portfolio of investments, services and products. Many organizations are already making moves to invest in their people, streamline cost bases, mitigate regulatory risks and refine their agility overall.

Grant Thornton International surveyed almost a thousand tech and telecom business leaders about their outlook and preparations for the next year. Find out more about the survey results and our recommendations.





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