The battle for streaming supremacy in 2020


What to expect in digital media in 2020: Film and TV

TechCrunch, Jan 8, 2020

“In film and television, the battle to compete with Netflix continues with more robust competition than last year. In the U.S., Disney is off to a momentous start with 10 million Disney+ subscribers upon its launch in November and some predicting it will hit 25 million by March … The most interesting new development in 2020 though will be the April launch of Quibi, the $4.99/month service offering premium shows shot for mobile-first viewing that has already secured $1 billion in funding commitments and $150 million in advertising revenue.”


Grant Thornton’s View


Deborah Newman, National Leader,  Entertainment Industry

Netflix changed the entertainment world when it began to offer streaming content services in 2007. This previously underestimated company significantly impacted how viewers consume content, driving a multitude of other companies to revamp the way they offer content to their customers. We continue to see a disaggregation of bundled content from cable providers, as consumers cut the cord and instead opt for individual streaming service plans.

And yet, consumers are only going to subscribe to a limited number of these services, given their interests, pay points and available time. I think we will quickly see more bundling of streaming services, as Disney is doing, with clear winners and losers emerging in the next one to three years. This battle for streaming supremacy will be a thrilling show to watch.


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