Entertainment Trends Pair Tech with Tradition


From Market To Entertainment: How Technology Bridges Creativity With Innovation
Forbes, November 6, 2019 

Some people associate innovation with technology alone, but the most thrilling innovations are the ones that pair emerging technology with traditional elements. In this respect, technological innovators have something in common with musical innovators who create groundbreaking pieces by pairing traditional instruments with digital sounds and production. Innovators who look beyond a fixation on technology or traditions alone can ultimately see the potential for new creations that combine both tech and tradition.




Grant Thornton’s View


Deborah Newman, National Leader,  Entertainment Industry

The most visionary innovations are often about the experience. What experience do you want to create, and what experience will truly reach people?

When businesses want to create an experience that will reach their customers, the answer may lie in customer data. But the answer is increasingly complex and nuanced, as many of today’s customers seek both vinyl records and virtual reality, purchasing new speaker technology because it creates a live concert experience. The truth is that customer data may reveal a blend of nuances and a need for personalization. 

We are in an era where the customer is king, and yet the diversity of customer preferences is increasingly fractured. Winning innovations must use customer data as a guide to creating customizable experiences that can include elements of both tech and tradition.


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