Supply chain management


Practical insights, analysis, and technology transform procurement and supply chain operations


Adaptability and value

Grant Thornton takes an enterprise-wide level approach to assessing supply chain networks, identifying opportunities to generate savings, optimize resources, build resiliency, and to implement technologies designed to improve operational performance, support data driven decision making, and drive innovation. We take a dive deep into understanding buying patterns and practices and supplier relationships within the evolving regulatory and compliance framework to deliver a common-sense approach in optimizing performance across the supply chain. 


Supply chain PMO 


We provide a tailored solution to meet the unique needs of supply chain program management offices (PMOs) across the public sector. Our solution is guided by the Grant Thornton Supply Chain Maturity Framework that guides governance development through technological modernization and integrated data analytics and automation to enhance program performance throughout the entire supply chain from integrated planning to acquisition and fulfillment to repairs and disposal. Our automated inventory controls, performance measures, quality surveys, and visualization tools equip supply chain managers with insights and information necessary to track, monitor, and report on all stages of the supply chain. 


Technology assessment and implementation 


Grant Thornton is a leader in assessing and implementing technology solutions across an organization’s supply chain. We empower our strategic technology partner’s solutions with tailored implementations and business services informed by our industry-specific expertise in procurement strategy, source-to-contract, procure-to-pay and technology enablement. Our holistic approach brings supply chain experts, from both the public and private sector, together with technology transformation and change management experts to ensure organizations benefit from their new technology solutions. 


Supply chain risk management


Grant Thornton understands that the public sector is facing a fast changing and complex supplier ecosystem comprised of varying risk factors, often resulting in high impact risk consequences. Today’s supply chain risk management (‘SCRM’) challenges are often initiated by poor visibility into suppliers that is exacerbated by the inherent vulnerabilities of a globally integrated supply chain. Delayed insights applicable to the entirety of supply chain risks are amplified by a lack of methodology to identify and then reliably assess, measure and score risks out to the ‘nth supplier’. Grant Thornton’s integrated SCRM approach delivers an on-going monitoring and reporting process rooted in providing critical recommendations for actions, accompanied by processes and communication protocols to inform rapid feedback loops to help organizations mitigate and track risks. Our approach is grounded in Organizational Change Management to ensure the successful adoption of the program by stakeholders and ensure that its supplication is tailored to the organization’s specific needs. 


Procurement transformation 


Grant Thornton has supported several private and public sector procurement organizations in evaluating the current state organization, optimizing spend analytics and contract consolidation approaches, and supporting organizational change. Our approach to procurement transformation includes a rapid diagnostic approach to evaluate current operations from various angles including procurement analytics, vendor management, demand management, and strategic sourcing. We customize business models that apply category management concepts to your needs within four months.


Acquisition lifecycle support 


Grant Thornton provides full acquisition lifecycle support services to federal agencies, with particular emphasis on acquisition planning activities designed to improve the requirements elicitation, solicitation development, and evaluation process leading to contract award.  We apply proven tools, templates, methodologies, and technology to reinforce and improve acquisition milestones and to achieve mission critical contract outcomes that can be measured and monitored post contract award working in partnership with vendors. By taking an enterprise-wide approach early on when developing the acquisition strategy that includes gathering market intelligence, we are able to provide insightful analysis to inform and guide our customers when making program specific decisions and foster continuous process improvement for future procurements. 

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