Three crisis management imperatives: Recalibration, recovery and resiliency


The COVID-19 pandemic put the national spotlight on crisis preparedness, demonstrating the benefits of investing in crisis planning and building sustainable resiliency – as well as the costs of failing to do so. Rebounding from lessons learned during the pandemic and subsequent COVID-19 surges and variants, leaders across public and private sectors have the unique opportunity to focus on the three crisis management imperatives – Recalibration, Recovery, and Resiliency – in order to develop a framework within their organizations and communities that will lead to greater confidence, governance and stability when facing the next crisis. In this article, learn specifically about how the three imperatives build on each other to instill resiliency in communities, and further how effective crisis management allows organizations to respond with agility in times of crisis.  The next frontier of preparedness and resiliency is a business imperative. 


“Three crisis management imperatives: Recalibration, recovery, and resiliency” was originally published in the Winter 2022 edition of Journal of Government Financial Management – Value Creation in Government. 


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