On the maturation of data governance in U.S. Federal agencies


CDO Insights: 2021 survey results


More than two years ago, Congress and the President jointly enacted the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018 (Evidence Act). The Evidence Act directed federal agencies to appoint a Chief Data Officer (CDO) and to take specific actions for improving access to high-quality government data with the goal to enhance decision-making about important programs and the availability of open data for the American people. With the establishment of the CDOs throughout the federal government, agencies are making meaningful improvements to data infrastructure, governance, and analytics. 

The Data Foundation, in partnership with Grant Thornton Public Sector, conducted its second survey of federal CDOs in 2021 to assess the progress of CDOs in fulfilling their responsibilities and supporting their agency missions. Multiple indicators suggest these agency leaders made substantial progress over the past year, including implementing the Evidence Act and the Federal Data Strategy. The Data Foundation combined its survey results with information compiled in 2021 by the CDO Council and from a roundtable with CDOs to provide an extended set of findings and recommendations.

Download the CDO insights: 2021 survey results to read the full report. This survey is in partnership with Data Coalition





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