Former Government Executives Council


Professionals who have been in your shoes


We’ve been in your shoes — charged with running government agencies burdened by overlapping requirements, unnecessary mandates, lack of prioritization and too little money. As former C-suite leaders, we’ve been up at night worried about making a difference for Americans around the country.

We have been frustrated by setbacks and have celebrated successes.

We know the perseverance and trust required to get to those celebrations and continue to deliver on the crucial mission of government. We can help you build a path to success.


Grant Thornton Public Sector’s Former Government Executives Council is a cadre of seasoned executives who served in government and have joined the firm because they have a passion for solving problems unique to the public sector. Our experience spans across all management areas in 50 different agencies at all levels of government, and we bring decades of experience solving critical financial, organizational, IT and operational challenges.

Our group consists of former C-suite executives, as well as seasoned professionals in HR, facilities management, cybersecurity, performance management, evidence-based decision-making, data analytics and risk management.

By leveraging this group’s know-how and agency experience, Grant Thornton’s Public Sector professionals can quickly help agencies identify challenges, prioritize initiatives, execute change management and deliver services more effectively.




Former Government Executives Council


  • Dan Barret, Director, Customer Experience
  • Elizabeth Chang, Manager, Operational and Organizational Transformation
  • Jonathan Clinton, Director, Operational and Organizational Transformation
  • Doug Criscitello, Managing Director, Strategy
  • Michael DeMers, Director, Advanced Digital Technology and Analytics
  • Russ Ficken, Director, Business Development Executive
  • Paul Firth, Director, Operational and Organizational Transformation
  • Dayne Freeman, Director, Enterprise Technology Strategy
  • Omuso George, Director, Financial Transformation
  • Adam Hughes, Director, Public Sector
  • Daniel Hunter, Manager, Technology Transformation
  • Jay Hurt, Managing Director, Financial Management
  • John Johnston, Director, Financial Transformation
  • Jennifer Kerber, Director, Public Sector
  • Lauren Kielsmeier, Director, Operational & Organizational Transformation
  • Linda Miller, Principal, Risk Services/Data Analytics
  • Frances Nwachuku, Director, Risk, Compliance & Controls
  • Steve Petzinger, Director, Operational & Organizational Transformation
  • Monica Radcliffe, Experienced Manager, Risk, Compliance & Controls
  • George Rose, Senior Manager, Risk, Compliance & Controls
  • Ezra (Ed) Safdie, Director, Operational & Organizational Transformation
  • Tony Scardino, Managing Principal, Strategy
  • Robert Shea, Principal, Strategy
  • Davita Vance-Cooks, Director, Operational & Organizational Transformation
  • Ariane Whittemore, Director, Strategy





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