Integrate and plan through investment management


Planning by government organizations can be realistic with a view of the complete picture of activities to be conducted. The picture is complete when it includes essential information — scopes, schedules, costs, funding, risks and staffing. The rendering of activities and information is integrated management. Support for the integration is provided by an investment management process.




Investment management supports integration of functions


Management in silos results in overlapping processes and lost opportunities for collaboration and impact. To gain cost savings, efficiencies, mitigation of risk, program outcomes and higher employee engagement, as well as articulation of benefits related to past and potential investments, take an investment management approach.

An investment management process integrates all other major government management functions. It works in four phases:

Define ― Identify priority business drivers; allocate activities requiring staff or contract funding to an investment; develop business cases; and estimate the impact of each investment on the drives.

Select and prioritize ― Choose an initial investment portfolio for each fiscal year, establishing and evaluating annual outcomes and risks at different funding levels; examine potential issues of prioritization and realign accordingly.

Plan and manage ― As budget is executed, examine program and project management status reported by investments; align staff performance plans to business unit plans and the organizational performance plan; and manage project or operational risks.

Evaluate ― In annual financial and performance reports, and budget justifications, be more specific about outcomes and risks to provide insights to management and, more importantly, transparency for customers and taxpayers.

Download the AGA Journal article “Integrating Government Management through the Investment Management Process” for in-depth guidance and recommendations.




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