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Swonk & Hersh talk manufacturing - skills gap to supply chains


Manufacturers have seen consumers’ quest for goods soar during the pandemic, at the same time that they’ve faced a skills gap and supply chain disruption. How will the latest stimulus bill impact an economy that remains 9.5 million jobs down, and what steps in particular can bolster manufacturing? Smart manufacturers are equipping themselves to educate and cross-train staff and set them on a career path. They’re also optimizing technology to fill holes.

“Everything is related, from the skills gap and how to bridge it, to investment in education, career growth and mobility,” says Bob Hersh, national managing principal of the Manufacturing Industry at Grant Thornton.

Grant Thornton’s Chief Economist Diane Swonk agrees, adding, “They call it a skills mismatch, but part of the problem is, we haven’t invested in education in four decades.”

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