Leadership and culture as change management keys


A conversation with a J&J change management leader


When change is needed — and much is needed now, because of permanent shifts brought about by the pandemic — the entire organization benefits from structured change management.

To help you meet the significant challenges in managing crucial changes, Grant Thornton’s Business Change Enablement Director Lisa Cooney invited leaders from the life sciences industry to discuss their strategies and approaches to bringing fellow employees along on the journey to bold change.

Cooney has dedicated the last 25 years to working with executives to manage large-scale transformations.

In this podcast, Cooney’s conversation with Johnson & Johnson Vice President, Supply Chain Business Technology Leader of Consumer Health Sasha Koff covered what is necessary in change management sponsorship. Koff pointed to consistency, availability and communication as qualities essential for the sponsor to demonstrate to the project team. She also emphasized the ability to be a champion in celebrating team achievements. Further, Koff said, aligning the project’s vision with the overall company culture relies on the leader’s belief in the mission.

And for connecting and communicating with your stakeholder community, Koff advocated for the ADKAR model — Awareness of the need for change, Desire to support the change, Knowledge of how to change, Ability to demonstrate skills and behaviors, Reinforcement to make the change stick.

Listen to the conversation to learn more about the importance of leadership and culture to your change management successes.




Listen to Lisa Cooney’s conversation with BMS Executive Director and CIO Chief of Staff Pam Stanton; a main point is to avoid concentrating on asks and tasks. Instead, execute your strategy with a focus on the business outcome. Visit “Executing strategy as change management key.”




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