Healthcare evolves amid intense challenges


What’s next starts with a focus on financial stabilization


COVID-19 hit the healthcare sector upfront even before the lockdowns and the stress on hospitals and healthcare systems mounted. As cases surge again, and hospitals once more are operating at or above capacity, economists are saying the course of COVID-19 will determine the course of the economy, and they worry about the long-lasting effect.

On a brighter note, hospitals have made progress in getting needed supplies like personal protective equipment and are focusing on financial stabilization, with an ongoing push to optimize supply chains and cut costs. At the same time, hospitals that struggled even before the pandemic are struggling more now; even those that had thrived are struggling. Will it come down to survival of the fittest, and what does COVID-19’s impact mean for the healthcare sector going forward?

Our Chief Economist Diane Swonk and National Managing Principal of Healthcare David Tyler discuss the impact of the pandemic and the way forward with our National Managing Principal of Industry Lisa Walkush.



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