Rate increases will change the mortgage landscape in 2022


Originations, servicing, compliance vital in evolving environment


The Fed is expected to react quickly to burgeoning inflation with multiple rate hikes in 2022. For mortgage companies, this could expose operational weaknesses that have been hidden by the boom of the last few years.


What does that mean for mortgage operations?


  • While the industry has invested broadly in technology to drive smooth, customer-friendly origination processes, many companies still see leakage in their pipelines that’s costing them loans. As conditions tighten, plugging these will be vital.
  • Improvements in loan servicing could also help to boost recapture rates—aim to top 20% or you’re leaving money on the table.
  • The digital landscape has shifted, and a smooth on-line experience is now table stakes. Are you ready?
  • Regulators are looking hard at forbearance. Review processes and double-check decisions to ensure you’re handling these decisions fairly.

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