JD Edwards INFOCUS Envision 2021


INFOCUS Envision—the annual event for current and prospective Oracle JD Edwards customers—brings business leaders together with product experts to discuss how to optimize their JD Edwards investment.


Grant Thornton sponsored and presented at Envision 2021. Access our education content below:




Options for configuring project cost detail within JDE


Craig Davied, Grant Thornton

From the smallest of tasks, to the most complex projects, JD Edwards has several options to consider for managing your level of cost detail for all of them! While there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, many customers do not realize the robust capabilities that are available using the standard functionality within these different modules. But which is the best solution to utilize for each of my types of projects? Join us as we discuss the functionality available within the general ledger, work order management, job cost accounting, and even engineer-to-order (ETO) modules to accomplish project detail costing objectives, as well as options for additional project details to support your cost information. In addition, we will discuss the common characteristics for each module and specific use cases to help you decide which would work the best for your project needs.




8 easy steps to evaluate the effectiveness of your EAM/CAM asset maintenance program


Steve Yniguez, Grant Thornton

Asset-intensive industries understand the importance of maintenance management, but few self-assess the effectiveness of their maintenance programs. As you all suffer the same headache of trying to get the most out of your maintenance budget, how do you know how well you are doing? Is your Preventive Maintenance plan realistic? How effective is your maintenance team? This session is focused on leveraging your E1 maintenance system to discuss keys steps to evaluate your maintenance investment and promises to be both fun and informative.




Where are all my orchestrators at? Let's take a look at notifications and UDO security


Anthony Palmisano, Grant Thornton and Mohammad Shujaat, Grant Thornton

This presentation will assume beginner's knowledge in creating orchestrations and focus on creating notifications and UDO security.




Import thousands of invoices from your AP automation platform into JDE in seconds!


David Kratzke, Grant Thornton and Mohammad Shujaat, Grant Thornton

Considering an AP automation tool to hook up to JDE but not sure what's the best connect the two? Look no further! Join us at this session to walk through how the JDE orchestrator helped a large real estate company seamlessly connect JD Edwards with an AP automation tool of their choice. Having a tool like the orchestrator to connect the systems afforded the business to select the tool that was the right for them. The orchestrators ease of use & connectivity allowed our client to put their process & business requirements first, with the peace of mind that the orchestrator would allow JD Edwards to mold to their integrations needs. The flexibility afforded to by the orchestrator & JD Edwards allowed us meet every requirement & and build tons of automation into the process, without the use of a single hour of a developers time! If you are considering integrating an AP automation tool with JD Edwards, or any other system for that matter this is a session you don’t want to miss!




Auto tendering transportation carriers in JD Edwards


Craig Davied, Grant Thornton

Are you tired of spending all day in Outlook communicating with carriers in order to tender your shipments/loads? And then toggling back into JDE to assign carriers once they have accepted? The ability to auto tender a carrier, or even better to cycle through a priority list of carriers, could save a substantial amount of time, not to mention the additional savings from always selecting the lowest cost provider to issue a tender, instead of choosing a carrier based on how quickly they respond to your e-mails. Many JDE clients prefer the natural integration the JDE transportation module has with the other distribution modules, but suffer from a lack of advanced features. Join us as we discuss how we enhanced JDE in order to design an auto tendering solution to increase overall freight profitability, as well as to allow for real time communication with transportation carriers. If you are already using the JDE transportation module, this is one session you do not want to miss!




Positive pay 2.0: Now with 100% more orchestrations


Mohammad Shujaat, Grant Thornton and Rick Snell, Murphy USA

Do you send positive pay files to your bank multiple times a week? Do your users have to spend time every week to make sure that the file is transmitted to the bank? Do you have to wait on the bank or a supplier when a problem occurs with a file costing you hours of chasing down issues? Well then this session was designed just for you! Join us as we walk through a large oil & gas clients journey of moving from manually transmitting positive pay files to their bank multiple times a week to a fully automated, orchestrated solution that takes all the work out of the users hands and notifies them immediately if issues occur! In this session we walk through our clients journey of using the JD Edwards orchestrator to automate the generation & transmission of their positive pay file to the bank. Join us to walk through the design, end product, and lessons learned that enabled a client to save tons of hours in manpower per year by automating with the orchestrator!




Realizing joint ventures in JDE


Craig Davied, Grant Thornton

JD Edwards has always been known as the #1 ERP of choice for engineering and construction customers, due to its overall natural integration across all modules in order to provide key costing information in a real-time format. However, there had always been a gap in required functionality to support joint venture arrangements…until now! JDE has created new joint venture functionality in order to continue to provide exceptional solutions in this arena. From creating both internal and external legal entities and establishing % ownerships, to calculating and managing the distributable amounts for each JV partner, JD Edwards now has the flexibility to assist with managing your JV needs! Join us as we review this new functionality, from configuration/setup through reviewing specific examples in order to demonstrate the new forecasting features. If you are already a JDE job cost user or if you are in the construction industry, this is one session that you won’t want to miss!




Workflow options with JD Edwards Orchestrator


Dwight Moore, Grant Thornton and Anthony Palmisano, Grant Thornton

Multiple departments one address book, how do you maintain control and maximize efficiency? In this session, we will explore how to create a workflow using orchestrator in JD Edwards. This will include status updates, department routing/notifications, and an approval process. We will demonstrate real workflow process automation in the address book that anyone could use. We will show how to multiple JD Edwards features can be used together including form personalization, form extensions and orchestrator can be used together. We will also explore other areas these same principles can be applied to achieve process efficiencies across your organization.




Automating currency exchange rates using JD Edwards & orchestrator


Mohammad Shujaat, Grant Thornton and Anthony Palmisano, Grant Thornton

Once upon a time it used to take either an expensive, clunky batch integration or a lot of manual effort to process foreign currency exchange rates into JDE. Now with orchestrations and the AIS server we can streamline that process so it only takes seconds. Join us as discuss how we helped a large construction industry client streamline and improve their currency exchange rate update process using JDE orchestrations and the AIS server. We will talk though how JDE Orchestrator can be used to not only connect and fetch data from external systems with ease, but easily process and insert that data into JDE. Join us and learn how you can use the Orchestrator to improve your data retrieval and loading processes.



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