INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021


Grant Thornton was a sponsor of INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021 and delivered multiple thought leadership sessions. If you missed one of our sessions, you’re in luck. Access one of education session content below:


Automating positive pay with Orchestrations


Mohammad Shujaat, Grant Thornton

Do you send positive pay files to your bank multiple times a week? Do your users have to spend time every week to make sure that the file is transmitted to the bank? Do you have to wait on the bank or a supplier when a problem occurs with a file costing you hours of chasing down issues? Well then this session was designed just for you! Join us as we walk through a large Oil & Gas clients journey of moving from manually transmitting positive pay files to their bank multiple times a week to a fully automated, orchestrated solution that takes all the work out of the users hands and notifies them immediately if issues occur! In this session we walk through our clients journey of using the JD Edwards orchestrator to automate the generation & transmission of their positive pay file to the bank. Join us to walk through the design, end product, and lessons learned that enabled a client to save tons of hours in manpower per year by automating with the orchestrator!


Designing job cost code structures for effective cost management


Craig Davied, Grant Thornton

When creating Cost Code Structures using the JD Edward’s Job Cost module, it’s important to understand how to design your work breakdown structures to allow for visibility to specific cost details, as well as to best utilize the integration to other modules, such as Procurement, HR/Payroll, Equipment, etc. Join us as we discuss various ways to design Cost Code Structures in JDE to best fit your company’s projects, as well as how to take advantage of standard integration with other key modules to get the most detailed cost information. Last, we will discuss the immediate Next Steps for you to begin to design effective Cost Code Structures in JDE. This class is essential for all Project Managers who want to better control their project costs!


Unleash the power of EDI 852


Shrikant Gogate, Grant Thornton

Unleash the power of EDI 852 for your business partners aka customers and vendors. Climb a step towards digital transformation by using JDE tools and technologies.


Use form extensions to turbocharge JD Edwards 9.2


Mohammad Shujaat, Grant Thornton and Dwight Moore, Grant Thornton

Orchestrator has been a revolutionary product in the JD Edwards ecosystem. We hear about all the wonderful and amazing things it can do, but there is one UDO that isn’t talked about enough - Form Extensions. Form extensions have amazing capabilities, and when used effectively can take your JD Edwards user experience to the next level. We will walk through how the power of Orchestrator can be enhanced even further using form extensions. We will demonstrate how the concept of an easy button can go from a being a fantasy to an absolute reality with the orchestrator and form extensions. If you have been contemplating how to start using UDO’s to their fullest potential, this is a session you don’t want to miss


Extend JDE Reporting with Oracle Analytics


Jeffrey Silverman, Grant Thornton and Matt Elfeldt, Greer Labs

JD Edwards (JDE) has a strong presence and capabilities with businesses due to its solid data capturing ability and years of excellent service. However, options for enhanced reporting and retrieving and synthesizing data across multiple tables or modules is limited. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) enables process to augment JDE reporting and additional capabilities necessary in modern-day business. Limited out of the box reports, difficulty in customizing reports and merging disparate data sources are challenges that OAC excels at solving. Incorporating OAC to JDE will access: BI Cloud or Essbase Cloud provide the data mapping and manipulation needed for better insight. Components such as Data Visualizer, BI Cloud, and Dashboards provide many methods to analyze data beyond tabular reports. OAC’s ability to merge JDE tables with custom components to unify a view of business Custom toolkit accelerates development of JDE subject areas via pre-built adapters.


JDE’s advanced pricing can handle the most complex pricing structures


Craig Davied, Grant Thornton

Advanced Pricing is a very powerful Distribution module. There are many things that it can be used for beyond establishing pricing for your customers. However, there are a few “best practices” to understand in order to help guide you through the setup of this very dynamic module. Join us as walk through the basics to setup Advanced Pricing, discuss the various ways that you can configure this module to address your specific company pricing needs, as well as discuss some other areas of your business where Advanced Pricing could further add value. Even if you are already using this module, this is still one class you don’t want to miss!


A simplified guide to implementing lease accounting


Sam Johnson, Grant Thornton

With deadlines quickly approaching to begin accounting for leases in accordance with new ASC 842 standards, we will be sharing our experiences, guidance and methodology for adopting new JDE Lease Accounting functionality in under 10 weeks. Focus of our discussion will include sharing insights from previous projects, highlighting key take-aways, and providing a clear understanding of the most important and critical path activities for implementing the functionality in a timely manner.


Creating workflows with JD Edwards Orchestrator


Dwight Moore, Grant Thornton and Anthony Palmisano, Grant Thornton

Multiple departments one address book, how do you maintain control and maximize efficiency? In this session, we will explore how to create a workflow using Orchestrator in JD Edwards. This will include status updates, department routing/notifications, and an approval process. We will demonstrate real workflow process automation in the address book that anyone could use. We will show how to multiple JD Edwards features can be used together including Form Personalization, Form Extensions and Orchestrator can be used together. We will also explore other areas these same principles can be applied to achieve process efficiencies across your organization.


The steps to JD Edwards Orchestrator


Anthony Palmisano, Grant Thornton and Dwight Moore, Grant Thornton

You have probably heard about some amazing use cases for JD Edwards Orchestrator, but how easy are they to achieve in your organization? In this session, we will focus on the key steps for building orchestrations, starting with the key fundamentals of Orchestrator service requests, and demonstrate the steps to add them to an Orchestration. We will also discuss a number of use cases your organization can achieve with Orchestrator, including data validation, API integrations, process workflow and notifications.


Using enhanced RMA


Shrikant Gogate, Grant Thornton

Enhanced RMA experience to address all scenarios with one form. Address partial qty. and credit scenarios as well. Power form to view all related orders for RMA Credit Only (CO) Credit Rebill (CO,DM) Credit with Replacement (CO,SR) Return with no credit (OM) Credit with Return (CO,OM) Credit, Return, Rebill, Replace (CO,OM,DM,SR) Replacement Only (SR) Credit with Sales Order (CO,SO)


How general ledger can improve sales and operational reporting


Craig Davied, Grant Thornton

There are many situations when it is difficult to design your General Ledger to capture ALL necessary sales or operational detail (e.g. related sales person, item description, product line, original manufacturing location, etc.) in order to be able to further breakdown your financial transactions for reporting / analysis purposes. This can lead to problems due to a disconnect between your operational and financial results within your ERP. In this session, we will discuss three types of functionality to consider: Flexible Accounting, Subledgers, and Advanced Cost Types. While they have their differences, these can each be used to drive additional detail into your G/L. We will explain each type of functionality, as well as how each can provide more benefit to your reporting/analysis needs. Join us as we discuss how this functionality can be used to design more operational details into your G/L transactions, in order to better enhance reporting and inquiry functions.


A Covid migration: World to EnterpriseOne upgrade


David Kratzke, Grant Thornton

Join us as we walk through the journey of a JDE World upgrade to JDE E1 9.2 during these unusual pandemic conditions. During the session, we will discuss the key success factors, challenges, benefits and ‘hidden gotchas’ from upgrade planning through E1 deployment. A recent upgrade case study will be leveraged to drive the conversation and provide context. If you are a current World customer, this a ‘must attend’ session.


Utilizing Orchestrator Studio for real estate


Sam Johnson, Grant Thornton

You have probably heard about some amazing use cases for JD Edwards Orchestrator, but how can these be applied to leasing and Commercial Real Estate? In this session, we will demonstrate an orchestration that can be utilized by nearly every Lessor to help automate a manual process. We will review the various Orchestrator studio components utilized to support the orchestration to provide an “under the hood” look at what these orchestrations are composed of. We will also discuss a number of use cases your organization can achieve with Orchestrator, including process automation, enhanced integrations, process workflow and notifications.


Stop Integrating & Start InteGreat-ing


Mohammad Shujaat, Grant Thornton and Anthony Palmisano, Grant Thornton

Integrating your JD Edwards environment with other systems can be a challenge, but in a connected world, it’s necessary to have real-time communication between internal and external systems. Join us as we walk through integrations with JDE. We will discuss use-cases of different types of integrations and how they can streamline your enterprise systems. We will also discuss the limitations of different types of integrations to provide you with a better understanding when selecting which to use. We will also be covering how the JDE Orchestrator and AIS server can serve as an effective integration platform, and take your integrations to the next level


Paperless AP automation journey - An orchestrator case study


David Kratzke, Grant Thornton and Matt Marfice, Watson Land Company

Watson Land Company recently implemented a Third Party AP Automation solution to manage its vendor invoices and payments in a paperless environment. Learn how the end to end solution was designed from vendor invoice receipt through payment processing. Orchestrator was a critical tool leveraged for integration points to and from the JDE system including accessing the vendor invoice image from within JDE AP.


The benefits from upgrading from World to EnterpriseOne


Craig Davied, Grant Thornton

Still on the fence about upgrading from World to EnterpriseOne? While there are numerous benefits for users, it still requires significant planning to be successful. There can be substantial change in all three areas (people, process, and technology) that will need to be addressed. If each is not given enough consideration, the results could be painful. Join us as we discuss a recent World to E1 upgrade projects, in hopes that it will prepare you for your upcoming project. We will discuss a recent case study in order to help provide more perspective. Some of the primary benefits were that it allowed the business the opportunity to redesign business processes, eliminate numerous software customizations that were not cost justified to maintain, redesign their entire security model, and automate several interfaces / manual processes thru utilizing the new Orchestrator capabilities. Join us as we discuss our recent upgrade experience in order to help prepare you for your journey!


Step by step: Evaluate the effectiveness of your EAM/CAM asset maintenance program


Steve Yniguez, Grant Thornton

Asset-intensive industries understand the importance of maintenance management, but few self-assess the effectiveness of their maintenance programs. As you all suffer the same headache of trying to get the most out of your maintenance budget, how do you know how well you are doing? Is your Preventive Maintenance plan realistic? How effective is your maintenance team? This session is focused on leveraging your E1 maintenance system to discuss keys steps to evaluate your maintenance investment and promises to be both fun and informative.


IoT methods for reporting, dashboarding & customer portal using Orchestrator and CafeOne


Jordan Meyers, Grant Thornton

JD Edwards’ 9.2 Orchestrator and UDO functionality allows for IoT based integrations with best-in-class reporting/analytics solutions. In this session we will take a look at integrating Microsoft’s PowerBI with JD Edwards 9.2 using standard objects, and unleash the power of analytics using data models sourced from JDE table data.

Manage your joint venture needs in JDE


Craig Davied, Grant Thornton

JD Edwards has always been known as the #1 ERP of choice for Engineering and Construction customers, due to its overall natural integration across all modules in order to provide key costing information in a real-time format. However, there had always been a gap in required functionality to support joint venture arrangements…until now! JDE has created new joint venture functionality in order to continue to provide exceptional solutions in this arena. From creating both internal and external legal entities and establishing % ownerships, to calculating and managing the distributable amounts for each JV partner, JD Edwards now has the flexibility to assist with managing your JV needs! Join us as we review this new functionality, from configuration / setup through reviewing specific examples in order to demonstrate the new forecasting features. If you are already a JDE Job Cost user or if you are in the construction industry, this is one session that you won’t want to miss!


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