The power and problem of tech


How business benefits when more voices are heard


The infusion of technology in our daily lives has exposed a growing gap between those with and without technology’s power.

Technology has often been created by, and for, a select group of people. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated this gap, as technology became the gating interface to education, healthcare, job opportunities and even critical services, creating fractures that split communities.

People in marginalized populations struggle to attain the same skills, tools and opportunities to participate in technology as creators rather than consumers. This manifestation of marginalization will leave a deep well of untapped skill, insight and innovation for businesses that fail to include diverse voices.

Listen to Diane Swonk and Jamie Fowler explore how businesses can open the doors to greater diversity in tech development and access.




Full podcast: The power and problem of tech


Chapter 1: The diversity of teams


Chapter 2: The diversity of thought


Chapter 3: The digital divide


Chapter 4: The democratization of ideation





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