It’s a new day in the labor market—equity matters more than ever


Diversity and inclusion have always been the right things to do, but for companies suddenly competing in a war for talent unlike anything they’ve experienced in recent memory, ensuring that your company can attract, retain, nurture and promote candidates of every race, gender, sexual orientation and other diverse identities is more vital to your success than ever. The problem? Many companies aren’t good at it.

In this episode of our Economics of Diversity podcast series, Diane Swonk talks with Ginny Clarke, former Director of Executive Recruiting at Google and now the head of her own talent consultancy, on steps organizations should be taking today to help ensure the true equity necessary to compete for, retain and optimize talent.

If you think this doesn’t apply to your company, think again. Clarke maintains that, while all organizations think of themselves as meritocracies, most rely on comfort and pedigree more than competency when making hiring and promotion decisions. The result? Jobs and promotions go to those with the right connections and diplomas, the candidates that make leadership comfortable, not necessarily to the most competent, and certainly not to the most diverse, candidates.

Clarke explains how leaders can make hiring, management and promotion decisions more equitable, and outlines steps that organizations can take to incent leaders to do so—and to hold them accountable when they don’t. Listen to our podcast to learn how to make your company more attractive not only to the diverse candidates you’ll need to compete in today’s employment market, but also more welcoming to the people you already employ, many of whom may be feeling sidelined by current practices.


whole podcast: Equity drives success in new labor market
Chapter 1: Diversity, equity and the workplace: Where we are now
Chapter 2: How the pandemic reshaped the equity challenge
Chapter 3: Leadership, data, transparency and the future of equity





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