Addressing systemic inequalities in healthcare


Systematic inequalities in the U.S. healthcare system were exasperated by COVID-19. Grant Thornton Chief Economist Diane Swonk spoke with Dr. Kathrine Baicker, dean of the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy and a member of the Congressional Budget Office’s Panel of Health Advisers, about the healthcare disparities and how businesses can take steps to address them.

With insurance tied to employment for many Americans, employment/healthcare coverage lost highest in the low-wage jobs dominated by women and people of color. That same population has risked increased exposure to the virus because of disproportionately holding “essential worker” jobs.

In this podcast, Swonk and Dr. Baicker discuss the challenges in varying outcomes based on demographics, delivering healthcare in rural areas, comparing Medicare for all to a single-payor system, and a reading on telehealth effectiveness.

Listen to the full conversation or the individual segments to learn more about meeting the challenges of disparities in healthcare.



Chapter 1: How employment and insurance create inequalities in healthcare

Chapter 2: Social determinants of unequal healthcare outcomes

Chapter 3: Towards more equal health outcomes in the US

From lockdown to slowdown, COVID 19 intensified deep inequities in the economy. To move ahead, smart companies are embracing a diverse and inclusive labor force that mirrors their customers, communities and employees. Equality and diversity are not just good policy but also good business.

Too often, these issues are viewed through a divisive political lens. But the economics of the issue are both clear and compelling — the more inclusive the economy, the faster it grows. It isn’t a zero-sum game. Building an economy that works for each of us means an economy that provides more for all of us.

Where to start? From housing to employment to healthcare and across a variety of other interconnected dimensions, listen in as our chief economist Diane Swonk and her guests explore how your company can drive equality and growth in our Economics of Diversity podcast series.






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