Ascend 2021


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The first-ever Ascend conference is in the history books! Grant Thornton was a proud sponsor and presenter at Ascend 2021. Education spanned the full spectrum of Oracle Applications and Technology and was led by experienced practitioners and successful Oracle users. View our session content below.

How to avoid herding cats, keys to effective leadership for IT organizations
Jeffrey Silverman, Grant Thornton

IT Organizations are notoriously difficult to management. Leaders are faced with project deadlines and dependencies, bureaucracy, and often a cast of team members that know more than they do on a given technology. How do you integrate a new programmer with minimal skill? How do you motivate an architect that is set in her ways?

Using Oracle Cloud Payroll Costing as a strategic tool
Bill Stratton, Grant Thornton

Oracle Cloud Payroll, along with its tight integration with Oracle Cloud Finance can greatly assist in the analytics of labor costs. Costing of payroll should be considered a strategic step and not just an afterthought to update General Ledger. This presentation will address best practices in costing your payroll when using Oracle Cloud Payroll with Oracle Cloud Finance.

Improve your reporting for executive eyes, OAC methods for effective presentations
Jeffrey Silverman, Grant Thornton

Train your executives to consume reporting that is meaningful. Proper visualization techniques and reporting standards are the art needed to make the science of reporting user-friendly. There is more to the world of reporting then the basic tables, line graphs and bar charts. Learn the 7 tips and tricks to allow better consumption of what you are presenting. A live demonstration on how to reconfigure your visualization across multiple technologies will give you quick wins to take back to your business.

Connecting Oracle Cloud planning directly to on-premises Oracle Human Capital Management
Paul Mack, Grant Thornton

We will demonstrate a next generation design that directly connects employee data from Oracle Human Capital Management with Oracle Cloud Planning by leveraging the Enterprise Performance Management Integration Agent, Data Management, and Groovy Rules. The Integration Agent directly connects Planning via Data Management with any source that supports JDBC. Data management can now directly maintain Planning hierarchies and data from on-premises sources. Finally, a user can initiate the on-premises to cloud integrations from a button click on a form.

Expand your Payroll flows
Nicole Wasson, Grant Thornton

Expand your Payroll flows. Leverage payroll flows to more accurately reflect your business needs. During this demonstration of Oracle Clouds functionality, we will focus on how to leverage payroll flows to better meet your payroll needs. This topic will also focus on the advantages to using group security on the payroll flow. This demonstration will use a client example of various payroll needs and how they are accomplished via the payroll flow design. Overall this session will allow for advanced usage of the payroll flows to streamline processing, add value to payroll team members and enhance overall functionality.



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