How are CFOs looking at tech investments today?


COVID-19 is shaping, but not slashing, tech investments


When Grant Thornton survey companies in late 2019 about recession strategies, most indicated that they intended to keep investing in technology, even through a downturn. But when we surveyed CFOs in May, early in the COVID crisis, they were less bullish on technology investments, with many putting them on hold. Now, seven months into the pandemic, how are CFOs looking at technology investments? To answer that question—and to learn how the pandemic is affecting not just the amount, but that nature of technology investments—we talked with Chris Lilley and Chris Unruh, both principals in our technology transformation practice to learn more about where CFOs are focusing their technology investments today, and why.




Chris L. Unruh

Chris Unruh is a Principal with Grant Thornton in the Business Application practice.

Kansas City, Missouri

  • Real estate and construction
  • Healthcare
  • Technology and telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Hospitality and restaurants


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