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What's in the report:
The 2019 report demonstrates through insights, examples and action steps that for higher education institutions, innovative thinking is essential to mission and vital to a sustainable future.
  • New uses for AI to increase student satisfaction and performance
  • Nontraditional approaches to attract and retain talent
  • Relationships with like and unlike partners including for-profits
  • A national university for a dispersed student population with new needs

New ideas in higher education
National university
Artificial intelligence
Data analytics
National university
The future holds national universities
Now is a good time to consider the inevitability of national universities — institutions operating on a national scale. The point is to be of service where and when service is required and where the students are.

As we see in other industries with a national presence, different models or structures could create national scale. Some will go it alone and cover the country themselves; others will merge; and there will be institutions with common ownership but maintaining a variety of “brands” and pricing structures while sharing key functions to improve cost of delivery/sustainability/mission achievement.
Artificial intelligence
AI goes mainstream on campus
AI is proving its value in myriad ways:
  • Increasing accuracy, consistency and speed
  • Enhancing constituent satisfaction
  • Realizing cost savings
  • Improving decision-making
  • Shifting staff from mere mechanics to analysis
Institutions are utilizing AI’s different forms to transform such areas as admissions, business transactions, compliance, facilities management and call center services. In teaching, AI tools are increasing student satisfaction and performance as their learning styles are better accommodated. But even as the technology is further integrated, employees remain vital as content experts and strategic agents, providing tailored feedback and human interactions.
Data analytics
Data analytics expands its uses
With the proliferation of data and emerging skills to analyze it, colleges and universities are identifying new reasons and methods to optimize data for more informed decisions.

Data analytics is transforming the way we approach critical thinking. Opportunities continue to open up for institutions to turn data into the basis for decision-making that is cost-efficient, relevant and responsive. With the explosion of good data available internally and publicly accessible, there are tremendous opportunities to expand usage to enhance the mission through operational changes in administrative and academic areas:
  • Identifying fraud and collection issues
  • Pedagogical planning
  • Finance, facilities, fundraising
  • Predicting capital investment needs

Our insights are united on this crucial point — the institutions that thrive will be those adopting innovations essential to their mission.

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