Harnessing the power of purpose-driven innovation
Financial services organizations are racing to implement digital innovations as they are challenged by unprecedented disruption, increasing customer demands and a heavily-regulated environment. But are they really moving the needle along that journey? After early investments in innovation programs and fintech, what’s needed next is a commitment to drive real change, a focus on measurement and results, and a willingness to adopt a culture of collaboration.

Pragmatic innovation leads with strategy

Financial services organizations are at a crossroads. They know they need to pursue a digital path in order to remain relevant and be future ready. But in order to derive measurable outcomes, pragmatism must prevail. Watch our video to learn the three key steps in a successful innovation journey.

“Every organization wants to be an innovator and stay ahead of their competition. If you define your business strategy, make your solutions adoptable and measure for success, you’re likely to see a greater ROI.”

Kevin Pleiter, Principal, Financial Services Innovation & Technology

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