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Cybersecurity groups, Internal Auditors, Chief Audit Executives, Compliance Managers, Risk managers / Directors, Information security teams


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IA’s role in evaluating cybersecurity using advanced technical testing




Event description

Recent trends show that Cyberthreats have increased significantly, nearly doubling over the last year. As companies have adopted new technology infrastructure to support the rapidly evolving business models, they face the continued threat of ransomware, data loss and other cyber threats that can significantly impact day-to-day business operations. While many organizations rely on threat prevention and monitoring technologies, they are not tuned to maximize their operating effectiveness, leaving companies with a false sense of security.

As companies place increased reliance on their cybersecurity capabilities, it’s important to consider not only the maturity of cybersecurity capabilities, but their true effectiveness in identifying and minimizing the impact of cybersecurity threats. Internal audit plays a crucial role in ensuring their organization is resilient against the cyber-attacks, such as ransomwares and data exfiltration, by going on the offense to test the operational effectiveness of their cybersecurity program. Leveraging advanced technical testing that moves beyond traditional pen tests, internal audit teams can leverage a suite of scenario based technical tests that demonstrate what a threat actor can do if they breach the company’s outer defenses.

Join the Grant Thornton Internal Audit Cybersecurity team on December 9th to discuss why and how internal audit can leverage advanced technical testing to demonstrate the operating effectiveness of their cybersecurity program.


The discussion will focus on:

  • Evaluating the threat of ransomwares, understanding the impact to the organization and responding to emerging cyber threats
  • Examples of how cyber programs can be enhanced by going on the offense combining technical cyber techniques with risk-based control frameworks
  • Leading practices internal auditors can consider in their audit plan to evaluate their organization’s cyber resiliency
  • Cross-industry shift from program audits to technical control effectiveness testing to improve resilience against cyber-attacks
  • Discussing internal audit’s role in the process of evaluating management’s response to correction action plans aligned with target state cyber-maturity plan

Date and time

Original Broadcast Date: Dec 9, 2021 2:00 PM — 3:00 PM ET


Recommended CPE credits

Please note: CPE credits are not awarded for webcast replay.



Learning objectives

  • Describe how to adapt and respond to emerging cyber-threats such as ransomwares
  • Evaluate the threat of ransomwares
  • Define IA’s role in evaluating technical controls through risk-based frameworks
  • Define audit plans and how they can strengthen cybersecurity programs through effective strategies
  • Identify industry audit trends and shift from program audits to technical control effectiveness testing
  • Describe leading practices on enhancing cyber resiliency
  • Explain how to enhance cyber programs by combining technical cyber techniques with risk-based control frameworks and maturity plans




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 Management Services



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 Experience with audit planning and managing Cyber security risks through the audit program. Understanding of Cyber security risks and how they may impact/impair business operations


Delivery method

Group - Internet



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