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A better approach to global compliance
Feb 6, 2018 | Capabilities, Article
International growth brings another kind of growth—for every new jurisdiction, you face new compliance and reporting challenges. Late or inaccurate compliance can mean substantial fines, legal issues, and can even interfere with your ability to continue operations in key markets.
6 tax issues CFOs should understand about FASB’s new lease accounting standard
Oct 4, 2017 | Article
6 tax issues to know about FASB’s new lease accounting standard, effective for public business entities for fiscal years beginning after Dec. 15, 2018.
Virginia enacts tax legislation, including expansion of nexus for out-of-state sellers
Apr 12, 2017 | Alert
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed multiple tax bills into law, making changes to income; sales; property; and business, professional and occupational license taxes.
Operating Globally, Complying Locally
Mar 31, 2017 | White paper
Jewish and Israeli organizations — along with other globally operating entities — need to not only continue to align with local laws and customary practices, but also comply with their changes, as well as the evolutions in global workforce rules.
Tax compliance and advisory services
Feb 15, 2017 | Capabilities, Article
This page highlights tax services including compensation and benefits, private wealth, state and local taxes, strategic federal taxes, tax accounting and risk advisory, tax compliance and international tax.
Will tax reform help your business?
Dec 2, 2016 | Article
Prospects for tax reform are significantly greater with the Republican Party taking charge of the White House, but even with GOP majorities in both houses of Congress, reform won’t be easy.
A tax how-to-guide for unrelated business income
Nov 22, 2016 | Article
Even tax-exempt organizations must sometimes pay income taxes; see how to diagnose and measure unrelated business taxable income.