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Final regulations amend definition of short-term ACA insurance
Aug 9, 2018 | Newsletter
The IRS released final regulations (T.D. 9837) to amend the definition of short-term, limited-duration insurance for purposes of its exclusion from individual health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
Beyond measure: Making culture count
Aug 1, 2018 | Article
Investing in a sustainable, aligned culture can pay big dividends. Make sure you’re measuring what matters with Grant Thornton’s five-phase approach.
IRS addresses withholding employment tax on prior year taxable fringe benefits
Jul 30, 2018 | Newsletter
In a program manager technical assistance memorandum (PMTA 2018-015), the IRS Office of Chief Counsel addressed an employer’s withholding and reporting obligations when the employer failed to properly report compensation to an employee and withhold federal income and FICA taxes in a prior year.
Financial services culture turns AI into ROI
Jul 27, 2018 | Article
Financial institutions need to adopt a new culture of innovation, agility and risk taking to leverage artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies to remain competitive.
Businesses get growing with the gig economy
Jul 19, 2018 | Article
Leveraging the Gig economy can help organizations plan for and manage growth but requires a collaborative effort and a new mindset. Grant Thornton offers actionable advice for recruiting and retaining the contingent workforce.
Now hiring: Today’s businesses are going gig
Jul 19, 2018 | Infographic
Thanks to a growing gig economy, today’s businesses are getting to work actively recruiting and retaining a contingent workforce. Our infographic explains how organizations are preparing for the gig workforce.
Gap to map: Win talent game with skills mapping
Jul 19, 2018 | Article
Organizations are using skills mapping to ensure they are cultivating the right talent today for their business needs tomorrow. Learn the 10 future forward skills businesses will be seeking and a step-by-step plan for conducting employee skills analysis in Grant Thornton’s eBook.