My career makes a difference

My story of expectations, redefined


It’s meaningful at Grant Thornton

I thought that in professional services I’d be an employee “number,” given step-by-step instructions about completing tasks that would eventually add up to something useful. I’ve always had a passion to help people, and I started on a public service path when I was an undergrad. I worked with local government offices that were limited in resources, so when I made the decision to join Grant Thornton, I didn’t expect that my work would make an immediate impact and thought I would get lost in the shuffle. But together with my team, I’ve been able to make a difference, improving the well-being of communities and their residents, and pursuing my passion to help people.

My work improves lives

I support people where they live, collaborating with local and state government to secure federal funding during crises. When Hurricane Irma struck, I met with city officials, working with them to address the impact and provide people with the monetary assistance they needed. In one case, my team ensured funding for an at-risk group’s new home after theirs was flooded.


“Through taking on responsibility, you develop the characteristics to bring people together to solve for important matters.”

--  Austin Stanbury

    Associate, Public Sector Risk Services


Responsibility goes two ways

I’m empowered to take ownership to produce great work with the full support of teammates and leaders. I can rely on them to pitch in when needed. When we’re in a high-pressure situation with a deadline to meet, everyone from manager and director on down jumps in to help until the work is done. We’re not stratified; we share the responsibility. We really have each other’s backs.


I’m proud of what I do

The federal assistance programs that we’re an integral part of help communities and their residents get back on track. It’s exhilarating to have a hand in addressing community challenges by providing real solutions. I’m proud to commit my workdays to homes being rebuilt, food put on tables, rubble cleared from streets and lives moving back in the right direction.


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Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts.


I’m fluent in French because...

Of the help I received from a family friend who tutored me and, through language, introduced me to great literature and art.

A long-time passion is...

Hackathons. I started competing in college and just won one in Montreal; the video submission was in French.

Colleagues don’t know I...

Can drive a tractor. I drove a huge one when I worked on my grandfather’s maple syrup farm in Michigan.

In my free time I...

Create art collages of the clash between rural and urban living; having lived in both areas has shaped my entire life.


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